Bankruptcy in a Day

  • Are you sick and tired of creditor harassment?
  • Are you worried that a foreclosure or repossession is just around the corner?
  • Are you just too busy to come into an attorney’s office for meeting after meeting after meeting?

Introducing… Bankruptcy in a Day

This revolutionary, new service is available exclusively at Meyer Law.  What can we do for you in a day?

  • We can do everything, from the initial consultation to the filing of your case, in just one meeting.
  • We guarantee you will only deal with an experienced bankruptcy attorney for your entire case, from start to finish.
  • You will never have to set foot in our office again, period.
  • And because we can file your case in a day, it means creditor harassment, foreclosure, and repossession will stop immediately.
  • Come in today and you can actually start answering your phone again tomorrow.

What do we need from you? Just a few items of paperwork and 90 minutes of your time.

Call us today at 602-334-1000 to discuss your case with an experienced bankruptcy attorney and find out if Bankruptcy in a Day is right for you. The consultation is free, and we promise to spend as much time as it takes to answer all of your questions, thoroughly and completely.


Most other law firms…

  • Send you home with a packet of paperwork as thick as a phonebook
  • Require you to fill out all of their forms at home, without the assistance of an attorney
  • Force you to attend multiple meetings, often times with staff members who are not attorneys
  • Drag their feet while you are getting harassed by creditors

Bankruptcy in a Day at Meyer Law…

  • One 90 minute meeting with an experienced attorney gets your case filed
  • Your creditors are stopped in their tracks immediately

Bring the following documents with you to the meeting (if applicable):

  1. Recent pay stubs, your last 6 months will be helpful
  2. Copies of your most recent 2 years of tax filings (state and federal)
  3. Most recent bank statement for all your bank accounts
  4. Any lawsuits that you might be involved in
  5. Recent mortgage statement for each home loan that you have and/or car loan statement for each vehicle that you own
  6. Kelly Blue Book private party value for each of your vehicles
  7. Fair market value of your house according to Zillow
  8. Recent statement from your retirement/IRA/401K account
  9. Most recent statement for your credit card, medical bills, and collections (unless you plan on having us pull your credit)

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