Before I met with Haines, I consulted 1 other similar cost & 1 lower cost bankruptcy attorney. The low cost said that I wouldn’t qualify. The other similar cost just didn’t seem to have the knowledge and the answers that I needed – I never felt confident that he knew what he was doing. Finally, we were referred to Haines by a friend and he swore that this guy knew what he was doing. Boy was he right. I am soooo glad that I was referred to Haines. What a relief! Haines was very good in helping me understand the bankruptcy laws and how they applied to my particular situation. Haines took the time and thought through my particular situation and was very strategic throughout the process. It greatly benefited me to declare bankruptcy. I was able to keep my house and discharge the debt that I was drowning in. Best of all, Haines is very personable and made me feel comfortable telling him everything…. I thought for sure I would feel like a loser or feel embarrassed about my situation. He made me feel intelligent for seeking out my options and now I my financial situation has never been better. I felt completely confident in his abilities and knowledge the entire time. I thought that it would be a nerve racking experience to be in front of the bankruptcy trustee. However, with Haines by my side and with his preparation, I was totally confident and it was a piece of cake. If you are thinking about bankruptcy or drowning in debt, it’s a free consultation. There are cheaper attorneys but you pay for what you get. If you are looking to maximize the outcome and look at every angle, go to Haines. You can trust him.

Tara, Chandler, AZ

Meyer Law is awesome! After visiting 2 other lawyers for my bankruptcy, Meyer Law are the only ones that said they could file Bankruptcy 7 for me. Haines crunched the numbers on my first visit and said “Yes, you barely make it and we can do it!” All the others barely glanced at my numbers and said, “No, you will have try Bankruptcy 13 or debt consolidation.” Then, they proceeded to give me papers with that information. Haines was very sympathetic and understanding to my needs! The minute you walk into his office, a total sense of relaxation washes over you. Haines will take all the ugly, fearful anxiety away in one visit! The office girls, Danielle and Brittany are awesome too! They will answer any questions and keep you updated throughout the whole process. And believe me, I had a thousand questions! They were so patient with me. They will usually be the ones answering the phones and will call back immediately when they are available. They were able to get my car and home mortgage reaffirmed even with the mortgage lender being difficult. I would recommend Meyer Law to anyone who is looking for an expert Bankruptcy Firm! Lastly, the fees are better than all the others too! Thank you Meyer Law!

Barb, Prescott, AZ

My experience with Meyer Law was great. Words to describe would be, PROFESSIONAL, EXPERIENCED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, COMMUNICATIVE, AFFORDABLE, CARING.


Darlene, Scottsdale, AZ

When I was considering bankruptcy, Haines was one of 12 attorneys that I interviewed. After long consideration, I hired a different attorney – then slept on my decision and decided to change to Haines. Why? Even though the other attorney had thirty-some years of experience, I simply felt that Haines gave me more direct answers to my specific situation. Knowing that my case was more complicated than most, Haines met with me several times over the seven months it took from my first meeting to actually filing.

All of my emails with specific questions were answered promptly by Haines personally, or by one of his assistants. When I asked to speak with him directly, I always received a phone call or email. I received a follow-up call six months after discharge, just “checking in” to make sure I was doing well with my fresh start. I have since recommended three clients to Haines, and they have all been treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Overall, I would rate Haines as an exceptional attorney. He was responsive, respectful, and specific in his answers. He was soothing and calm when I needed it, and he was very helpful in planning my bankruptcy to have the “lowest profile” possible. Everything went smoothly.

For the record – his assistant attorney Nikolina is terrific addition to the Meyer Law team. She was the protege of the first attorney that I hired (he unfortunately passed away not long ago) and I am very happy to see her join the Meyer Law team.

Folks, you can’t go wrong here.

Brendan, Gilbert, AZ

Mr. Meyer, thank you so very much for your helping us through a very critical time in our lives. Please, do not hesitate to call on us as we would be very happy to tell anyone and everyone how much help you give to your clients.

Kevin, Scottsdale

I was recommended to Meyer Law by a friend who used them and I am SO glad that I used Meyer Law for my bankruptcy case! I was swamped with all kinds of debt, but I had a decent job, a house and a car that I wanted to keep, so I didn’t think bankruptcy was an option. Mr. Meyer still qualified m…

Peter Boyle, Phoenix

Filing bankruptcy was a tough decision for my husband and I to make. We’d been drowning in debt our entire marriage. When we finally decided that is was our only option, we contacted Haines. He explained everything to us in a way that we understood what was going to happen. When we walked out …

Jamie, Surprise

I was referred to Mr. Meyer and the advice was amazing.  I had been to several other attorneys before being referred to Mr. Meyer by my Real Estate Agent.  He was top notch and able to get me the help I needed – not just a guy looking for a quick buck.  He met with me several times over 6 months

Sam, Glendale

Meyer Law was there for all the tough questions and decisions that had to be made. Haines was very knowledgeable and gave good advice. I have since referred several other people to Meyer Law and all have been pleased. Haines offers a good service at a reasonable price.

Wayne, Queen Creek

Incredible service and expertise! My wife and I found ourselves buried in debt due to an industrial accident that has disabled me. Never being in a financial situation like this we really did not know where or who to turn to. A friend of ours had used Meyer Law and suggested we at least meet w…

Nick, Chandler

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