She May Be a Shut-in, but She’s not Shut Down by Her Creditors Pt 2

Sep 29, 2015 | Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In part 1 we learned how our client’s battle with rheumatoid arthritis left her with limited income and a mountain of bills. In part 2, we will see how she filed for bankruptcy with our firm and completely eliminated all of her debt.

After doing some research, she realized that chapter 7 bankruptcy would be the perfect solution for her. She discovered that if she filed for bankruptcy, she could completely eliminate every penny of what she owed to credit card companies, hospitals, doctors, and collection agencies.

So she decided that she would definitely file for bankruptcy. However, she discovered a new dilemma. How would she go about finding an attorney when it was virtually impossible for her to leave her own home?

She began calling local attorneys that she found on the Internet. She discovered again and again that she would have to come into their office in order to have a consultation and file for bankruptcy.

Finally, after about a dozen phone calls, she called our office. We consulted with her telephonically. We were able to answer all of her questions, we analyzed her situation legally, and we determined a strategy for going forward with her case.

Without ever having to leave her house, we were able to file her case and completely eliminate all of her debt. We also had her appearance at her meeting of creditors waived due to her infirmity.

Unfortunately, her battle against rheumatoid arthritis is a constant struggle for her. But at least now she can fight her battle without the worry of creditor harassment and compounding debts.

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