Back to School: It’s time for Your Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Classes!

Sep 8, 2015 | Bankruptcy, Credit, Student Loans

For some of you, school is just a distant speck in the rear-view mirror. High school, college, or whatever it was, happened so long ago that you can’t remember a single, solitary piece of useless information that they tried to cram into your brain cells all those decades ago.

You matured, you got your first real job, you bought a house and just maybe you got married and had some kids along the way as well. You probably forgot all about that feeling of having your backside glued to a wooden chair for hours on end. And then all these years later, life hits you hard, you go to file for bankruptcy, and then you find yourself back in school – just to get out from underneath your debt.

That’s when those anxiety dreams hit you again. You are sitting in your desk with a test in front of you. The whole thing is blank. You look up at the clock and there are only five minutes left to answer the 50 questions on the page. And then you notice something else. It’s drafty. You look down. You discover that you’re sitting in the middle of class in your underwear.

Suddenly you wake up. You are in your bed, drenched with sweat. The clock says it’s four in the morning. You toss and turn until five, worry not just about bankruptcy, but how you are ever going to manage to get through the two credit counseling classes that are required when you file for bankruptcy. Finally you give up on sleep, crawl out of bed, and cook yourself some breakfast.

A Cake Walk

As it turns out, your bankruptcy credit counseling classes are nothing to lose sleep over. Multiple agencies offer them, and most classes are taken online and only take about an hour or two. There’s one class before you file, and one after you file for bankruptcy. So that’s only three or four hours worth of your life, and all from the comfort of your office chair at home.

These classes do offer some good financial advice and tips. So if you pay attention, they are worth the few hours of your time, because you may learn something valuable.

Once your class is taken, a certificate is sent to your bankruptcy attorney. He or she files it with the court to prove you completed your class. And that’s all there is too it.

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