A Bricklayer Falls on Hard Times

Jan 22, 2015 | Bankruptcy

Since the dawn of man we’ve been constructing buildings from stone. Technology has changed over the millennia, and thanks in large part to the Romans, we now build buildings from brick and mortar. But one thing has remained; it’s never stopped being a dangerous job.

One of our clients can personally attest to the hazards of being a bricklayer. After decades on the job without serious injury, he made a misstep and slipped off a scaffold, falling two stories to the ground. This left him permanently unable to work.

The Bills Stack Up

Our client began receiving permanent disability income after his injury. However, it took close to a year before he saw a dime of it, and he received less than half of his regular pay.

He drained his savings account while trying to survive before his disability kicked in. And even though he had never carried credit card debt in his life, he was forced to live off of credit cards in order to pay for his physical therapy, his medical bills, and to make up for his drop in income.

Tear Down This Wall of Debt

It soon became obvious to our client that once his credit cards were maxed out, there would be no way to survive financially without a drastic change.

A friend of his had just filed bankruptcy with our firm and suggested that he come in for a free consultation.

After meeting with us, our client spent about a month trying to decide if there was any other way to get out from underneath his debt. He finally decided that bankruptcy was the right choice for him. After two short meetings with us, his case was filed and he was on his way to financial recovery.

Rebuilding Brick by Brick

By filing for bankruptcy, our client was able to eliminate all of his credit card debt and all of his medical bills. He also had an expensive truck payment which he got rid of completely by giving the truck back to his lender. He then purchased an in inexpensive used car to replace it.

Our client still has to survive on his limited disability income. But without any debt other than his house payment, he is able to live a comfortable, modest lifestyle while focusing on his physical recovery, free from the emotional stress of debt.

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