Erin Andrews’ Peeping Tom Is Not Protected by Bankruptcy

Jul 14, 2016 | Bankruptcy, Celebrity Bankruptcy

Who doesn’t like Erin Andrews?

She’s so spunky, funny, witty, and just so darn tall to boot.

She’s been on ESPN for years and loves to talk about sports, so that makes her especially popular with a lot of the guys out there.

Unfortunately, maybe just a little too popular – with one fan in particular.

I Can See Clearly Now

Years ago some guy named Michael Barrett put to shame anyone with the awesome name of “Michael.” He did so by secretly taping Erin Andrews in her hotel room.

He wasn’t some techie genius who hacked into her computer or used some type of sophisticated surveillance. Instead, he just put his cell phone up to Erin’s peephole on the door of her room.

Apparently she liked to do everyday things in the nude (and who doesn’t?), assuming that she had complete privacy in her hotel room (and who wouldn’t?).

There’s a Leak in My Video

The end result was a clandestine nude video of a popular celebrity. It’s no surprise that it quickly spread across the internet.

So Erin Andrews did the same thing anyone else would. She took him to court.

Sue His Pants Off

Ultimately she was victorious in civil court and won a judgment of $28 million against Michael Barrett.

Turn the page to a few years later and we find Michael Barrett filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Ordinarily chapter 7 bankruptcy completely protects you from all creditors, even lawsuits. There are exceptions for things like child support and certain tax debts. We can assume that Michael Barrett hoped to protect himself from the $28 million he owed Erin Andrews.


Nothing but the Shirt on His Back

A judge recently ruled that Michael Barrett’s 2012 chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot protect him from the $28 million he owes to Erin Andrews. So it seems he’ll be in debt for a long time to come.

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