Just a Garden Variety Bankruptcy Part 2

Apr 7, 2016 | Bankruptcy, Credit

In part 1 we learned how this “ordinary guy” made a decent income. It was enough to afford a condo, a used car, and the expenses of everyday life. In part 2 we will see how credit cards got him into trouble, and how we were able to help.

Ordinary Problems

Unfortunately, for the little splurges in life our client was using his credit cards. He took a trip to Vegas, he visited friends in LA and Seattle. He didn’t spend money extravagantly, but over the years the debt added up.

Before he knew it he owed about $25,000 in credit card debt. He was able to pay enough on the cards to keep the balances from going up, but he couldn’t find a way to pay down what he owed. He did this for about two years and then came to see us at our office.

He realized that he was never going to pay off these cards unless he was able to make more money at work. But he was already making a pretty good income for the type of job that he had, and he wasn’t interested in changing careers – after all, he loved his job.

As soon as we filed his case, all of his $25,000 in credit card debt was completely eliminated. His credit score did take a hit, but he planned on gradually building it up again. In about 2 years, he was able to qualify for a home loan. He sold his condo and bought a small house with a big yard. He now has a brand new hobby that he loves – urban gardening.

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