Once an NBA All-Star, Now a Barista Part 2

Sep 2, 2015 | Bankruptcy, Celebrity Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We learned in part 1 that being a barista at Starbucks offers great benefits. We also learned about Vin Baker and his rise and fall from NBA all-star to regular guy with no money. In part 2, we will learn what the two have in common.

Clean and Sober

Four years ago, Vin Baker got sober. The clouds parted from his judgment and he started living life clean and sober. Vin started working hard on making a comeback – not a basketball comeback – but a comeback in life.

One of his first priorities was to become a minister in his church and set his sites on a higher authority. His other priority was to his four children. He was still broke and needed a way to support them.

Managing His Career

Many NBA stars would let foolish pride get in the way of doing the right thing. They would rather wallow in self-pity at the loss of cash and career. But not Vin Baker. He looked at his options and knew what to do – train as a Starbucks manager.

You see, Vin had played for the Seattle Supersonics, a team which also happened to be owned by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. He was an inspiration for Vin. It wasn’t a love of coffee, but the idea of Schultz himself that planted the seed (or bean) of inspiration.

So Vin now is in training. Not NBA training camp, but Starbucks training camp. He is learning to manage a franchise location. Can he buy a $15,000 suit and a pair of $2,000 shoes anymore? No. But will his kids have health insurance? Will Vin be able to pay his rent? Will his kids have a father who is a role model of how to bounce back from adversity? Unequivocally… Yes.

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