When I was considering bankruptcy, Haines was one of 12 attorneys that I interviewed. After long consideration, I hired a different attorney – then slept on my decision and decided to change to Haines. Why? Even though the other attorney had thirty-some years of experience, I simply felt that Haines gave me more direct answers to my specific situation. Knowing that my case was more complicated than most, Haines met with me several times over the seven months it took from my first meeting to actually filing.

All of my emails with specific questions were answered promptly by Haines personally, or by one of his assistants. When I asked to speak with him directly, I always received a phone call or email. I received a follow-up call six months after discharge, just “checking in” to make sure I was doing well with my fresh start. I have since recommended three clients to Haines, and they have all been treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Overall, I would rate Haines as an exceptional attorney. He was responsive, respectful, and specific in his answers. He was soothing and calm when I needed it, and he was very helpful in planning my bankruptcy to have the “lowest profile” possible. Everything went smoothly.

For the record – his assistant attorney Nikolina is terrific addition to the Meyer Law team. She was the protege of the first attorney that I hired (he unfortunately passed away not long ago) and I am very happy to see her join the Meyer Law team.

Folks, you can’t go wrong here.

Brendan, Gilbert, AZ