Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer

Meyer Law, P.C.’s Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer office is located in North Phoenix. We specialize and exclusively deal in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Below are some of the reasons why we have achieved a 100% success rate:

  • Free in-depth initial consultation with an actual experienced attorney.  (not a paralegal like other firms)
  • We help take the stress out of the bankruptcy process.
  • Quickly find out your best options.
  • We have filed over 4,000 bankruptcy cases with a flawless record.
  • Our fees are competitive and affordable.
  • We treat each client with the utmost respect.
  • We promptly stabilize your finances to help your headaches.
  • We have filed many bankruptcies in just one day with a single office visit.
  • We are located south of Pinnacle Peak Road and just east of the Pinnacle Peak I-17 exit:

Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer, 2155 W. Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 201-5, , Phoenix, az 85027, United States (US) - Phone: (602) 715-0855

Arizona based bankruptcy law firm, Meyer Law, has offices throughout Arizona. The North Phoenix, Arizona law office is located on the south side of Pinnacle Peak Road, just a little east of the Pinnacle Peak exit on I-17. Take the elevators to the second floor and look for suite 201-5. Just let the receptionist know you are there for the North Phoenix bankruptcy attorney office of Meyer law.

The attorneys and staff at the North Phoenix bankruptcy offices of Meyer Law have filed bankruptcies for residents throughout the valley since 2003. Hundreds of satisfied clients have had their bankruptcy cases filed with Meyer Law yearly, with a 100% rate of success.

North Phoenix is not a city in its own right. But anyone familiar with the city of Phoenix will undoubtedly think of it as its own region, complete with a different look and feel than some other parts of Phoenix. Most people consider North Mountain, Deer Valley, Desert View, North Gateway, and Deer Valley (the neighborhood, not the city near Scottsdale) as part of North Phoenix.

North Phoenix is dominated by two major geographical landmarks. On its southside lies North Mountain Park. Centered in the northern part of North Phoenix is Adobe Mountain Park and Deem Hills. These mountain parks provide a lot of recreational opportunities for residents of the area including bird-watching, hiking, and mountain biking.

The history of North Phoenix goes back to the late 1800s. Some local mining activity brought a few resident there. It was also a stop-off on the important military road which connected Fort McDowell (a fort near what is now Scottsdale) to Fort Whipple up in the mountains of Prescott. Multiple attempts were made to bring water to the area for irrigation but with no success. This kept the population of the area extremely small. In the 1940s the Air Force built a small base in North Phoenix for flight training, but this too lasted only a few short years and brought little growth to the area.

Things began to change for North Phoenix in the 1950s. Air conditioning spurred tremendous growth throughout the Phoenix area and its surrounding suburbs. North Phoenix was no exception. People began purchasing homes there who didn’t mind a longer commute to places like Downtown Phoenix for work, in exchange for a more affordable home with views of mountains and access to outdoor recreation.

Growth in North Phoenix has continued unabated since that time. The farther you move away from the city center, the newer the neighborhood. By the late 1990s growth had moved up north to the area around adobe mountain. By the late 2000s, growth began to take place in places like North Gateway and Mountain View.

Today, North Phoenix is home to a large population of people who call the area their own. There are seemingly endless opportunities for activities like shopping, dining, and entertainment, although the area is largely residential. Most cultural activities are located to the south and east in places like Downtown Phoenix and Tempe. With the recent extension of the light rail to the border of North Phoenix, resident can now take the train on a one-way ride to Downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and end up way on the other side of the valley in Downtown Mesa.

As with the rest of the outlying areas of the valley that expanded rapidly in the last decades, residents of North Phoenix have experienced some growing pains. Residents have often bought more home than they could afford and now need the help of bankruptcy to either protect their home or to get them out from underneath it. Also, the usual circumstances of life such as job loss or health problems lead others to insurmountable debt. Bankruptcy can help with those situations too.

If you are a resident of North Phoenix and have any questions whatsoever about bankruptcy, please do not hesitate to give Meyer Law a call. We are experts in bankruptcy and have been assisting North Phoenix residents with their bankruptcy needs since 2003. At Meyer Law, you’ll work only with an experienced bankruptcy attorney from the moment you call our office until the time your case is done.