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Meyer Law, P.C.’s offer Queen Creek bankruptcy help at our office is near Ellsworth and Ocotillo.  Meyer Law, P.C. limits its practice to strictly bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.So many of our clients refer others to our office because we provide:

  • Flexible appointment times with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.
  • Fees that are very competitive and budget friendly..
  • The first consultation with a licensed, experienced bankruptcy attorney is always free.
  • A proven history and 100% success rate with all of our cases.
  • Our attorneys value compassion and service and treat each client that way.
  • You will receive a life-changing five minute money makeover on your first call to our office.
  • We make filing your Queen Creek bankruptcy as headache-free as possible.
  • Our Queen Creek office is located Near Ellsworth and Ocotillo

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The offices of Meyer Law have been providing bankruptcy services to the Queen Creek, Arizona area since 2003. Its attorneys and legal staff service hundreds of clients per year, focusing exclusively on bankruptcy law. Lawyers at Meyer Law have extensive experience, filing over 4,000 bankruptcy cases since opening.

The town of Queen Creek has been a rural, agricultural center for over 100 years. It was named after the creek that runs through town, or rather used to run through it. It no longer carries water on a regular basis thanks to upstream dams and the pumping of groundwater. Don’t go looking for a secret fishing hole down in Queen Creek, because you won’t find running water there. But the creek bed is home to a wide variety of wildlife and is occasionally filled with water after a monsoon rain.

It’s the underground water that has made Queen Creek the town that it is today. It’s been a tight-knit farming community that has been providing quality crops like cotton, citrus, and pecans to the surrounding area for more than a century. This continues to this day. If you visit a farmers market in metro-Phoenix, you might see a farmer from Queen Creek selling his oranges and lemons. If you buy pecans at a store in Scottsdale, they might just be from down the road in Queen Creek.

But these days, Queen Creek is known for more than just farms and produce. Back in the 2000s, housing developments began to spring up around the town. Queen Creek was farther away from Phoenix than other developing communities such as Gilbert and Chandler, but the houses in Queen Creek offered larger lots for less money. As a result, Queen creek began to grow in population. This created a unique mix of farms and a patchwork of neighborhoods with large lots, differentiating it from other suburbs of Phoenix.

Queen Creek now has a population of almost 34,000 people. Most of them live in the ever-expanding neighborhoods that have been built in recent years. But the farms are still there, and Queen Creek still maintains a strong rural/agricultural character.

All of this rapid growth has created some foreclosure problems for residents of Queen Creek. Others simply have purchased more house than they can afford. Consequently, many Queen Creek residents have been forced to look for the services of a bankruptcy attorney. They need look no further than Meyer Law. We have been filing bankruptcy since 2003 with a 100% success rate. We take our time with each and every client, offering compassionate and courteous service to each one. At Meyer Law we treat our clients like family, which is why we are rated so highly in Queen Creek. If you’ve got bankruptcy questions, please reach out to us today.