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The Surprise location of Meyer Law, P.C. is an exclusive Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Surprise bankruptcy practice. So many of our clientele come by way of referrals because:

  • When you call us the first time, we will perform a five minute money makeover.
  • We offer personal attention to every client and we are dependable and trustworthy.
  • Our staff and attorneys are dedicated and passionate about what they do.
  • We quickly stabilize your financial situation.
  • You will meet personally with an experienced attorney, not a paralegal like other firms.
  • After just one office visit, we file many cases the same day.

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Our Surprise location is located in the Surprise Professional Center located just east of the Loop 303 on Bell Road in Surprise Arizona.

The offices of Meyer Law have been providing Surprise bankruptcy services since 2003. Its attorneys and legal staff service hundreds of clients per year, focusing exclusively on bankruptcy law. Lawyers at Meyer Law have extensive experience, filing over 4,000 bankruptcy cases since opening.

Surprise, Arizona is one of the more curiously named cities in the USA. The origin of its name, (surprisingly!) is a bit mysterious to most. It turns out to be an insult, not a compliment. And it’s an insult that stuck. Many people who live there probably don’t even know why it’s called “Surprise,” and they would probably be surprised to find out how it came about.


Surprise, Arizona was founded in 1938. Until only a few years ago, it was thought that a real estate developer and Arizona State Legislator Homer C. Ludden was the founder of the town. But in 2010 it was discovered that his wife, Flora Mae Statler owned the land prior to their marriage. This means that Flora founded the town. But who named the place?


It turns out that Flora can take the blame for that too. Legend has it that she said she would be “surprised if the town ever amounted to much.” It’s hard to know for sure why she was so pessimistic about the town’s future. It’s true that Surprise is just a flat expanse of land stretching in all directions, somewhat like the desert version of Kansas farmland. It was probably difficult for her to envision much but fields of cotton.

For decades, Surprise really wasn’t much of anything. Maybe Flora was on to something. All that was there to differentiate it from one, massive farm field was a few groups of houses meant for agricultural workers and a some farmhouses.

Surprise was incorporated as a city in 1960. Initially it grew quite gradually. A few small, random housing developments were built there for people who were looking for budget housing and who didn’t mind being far away from metropolitan Phoenix.

Starting in the 1990s the massive Sun City Grand housing development was built. This was an age restricted community with luxury amenities. It caused a mass-influx of retires to the town of Surprise. The population in the community rapidly began to outnumber the rest of Surprise, so much so that people thought of the area as Sun City Grand rather than Surprise.

The growth of Sun City Grand and its accompanying amenities(like restaurants and shopping centers), encouraged the growth of traditional housing developments throughout Surprise. Today, the population of Surprise is easily over 100,000. It’s now a substantial commuter suburb of Phoenix, full of new housing and busy retail establishments.

In spite of all the new development, residents of Surprise still face economic challenges. Overspending on new homes has caused many to seek bankruptcy protection. And as with all communities, people facing financial difficulties like job loss, sudden illness, and divorce have sought the services of a qualified bankruptcy attorney. Here at Meyer Law we have been focusing exclusively on Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy since 2003. We are highly-rated bankruptcy experts in the city of Surprise. If you have any bankruptcy questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email us today.